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ep | 14 How to prioritize your health and happiness with a demanding schedule

This one is for busy professional women who pour so much into their careers and into other people, but neglect to pour back into themselves. Studies show that neglecting self-care can lead to challenges in one's physical health, mental health, relationships, mood, productivity, satisfaction in life, and success. 

ep | 12 How to nourish your most important relationship 

Last weekend, I had a meltdown because I realized she was neglecting my relationship with myself. I went on a drive to the beach and sat on a log watching the ocean and birds while reflecting on how important it is to pour into ourselves every day. 

ep | 8 What is success really costing you? 

In this episode, I share how success can come at a cost to your physical and mental health. I've learned that it is important to redefine your definition of success and focus on what you truly desire, rather than trying to have it all. 

"The strategies that Allison shared with me were so simple but made a BIG difference

It really started with the mindset work and then building a new framework for my workouts and food, then we dove into helping me prioritize self-care and my mental health. I feel like a new woman!"

-Private Coaching Client

Hi, I'm Bernel — You may know me as the branding and website designer who obsesses over the details so you don’t have to! I am the owner and lead designer of Branded by Bernel, a North Carolina-based creative studio. I am dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs build brands that stand out, from logo creation to one of a kind websites. I work to establish a foundation of trust between your business and potential / current clients. 

hi, i'm Allison

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