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I truly believe that we have the ability to show up as the best version of ourselves by shifting our mindset and our habits.  Whether it is a keynote or facilitating a workshop, my main focus is to partner with you to create something that will do more than just inspire you but create a desire to change and provide you with real tools and strategies to help you sustain that change for growth.   

If you are looking for someone for your group or organization, I’d love to speak with you to see how we can partner together to create something truly powerful. 

For the past 10 years, I’ve been traveling the world sharing my passion for wellness, motivation, and personal & professional development.  

Whether you're looking to boost your energy, improve your focus, or simply feel more relaxed and in control, this workshop will provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

This workshop is designed for busy business professionals who are struggling to prioritize self care amidst their hectic schedules and demanding job responsibilities. Whether you're working long hours, feeling overwhelmed, or simply struggling to keep up with the demands of your job, this workshop is designed to help you take control of your well-being and perform at your best. 

Through a combination of evidence-based information and hands-on exercises, you'll learn practical strategies for managing stress, improving your work-life balance, and taking care of yourself in the midst of a busy schedule. 

Self Care for the Busy Professional: 

Signature Keynotes & Workshops

Whether you're looking for more energy, more balance, or more fulfillment, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to take charge of your well-being and create the life you desire.

This workshop is designed specifically for women who are feeling drained and lack the energy and direction to show up as the best version of themselves. The impact that stress and overwhelm can have on physical and mental health can lead to challenges in relationships, careers, finances, and overall joy and confidence. 

In this workshop, participants will learn practical strategies for managing stress, prioritizing self-care, and improving their fitness and nutrition. Through group discussions and practical exercises, they will also gain the support and belief they need to go after what they want in life. 

The Nourished Life: Reclaiming Yourself Unapologetically 

Participants will leave the workshop with practical tools and techniques to improve their physical and mental health, as well as a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence in their abilities as leaders.

This workshop is designed specifically for women in leadership positions who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of leading their teams and managing their personal lives. Through a combination of interactive activities, group discussions, and expert guidance, participants will learn strategies for managing stress, creating balance, and prioritizing their own wellbeing while still being effective leaders. 

The workshop will cover topics such as setting boundaries, time management, self-care, and team management, and will provide a safe and supportive space for women to share their experiences and learn from each other. 

Radical Self-Care for Women Leaders: Balancing Life and Leadership

The end result of this workshop is to leave feeling empowered and equipped with the tools necessary to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

This workshop is designed for leaders and high performers who are feeling overwhelmed by stress and burnout who are looking for tools and techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily routines, in order to reduce stress and increase overall well-being. 

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including the science of stress, the benefits of mindfulness, and practical strategies for incorporating mindfulness into daily life. Through a combination of group discussions and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to cultivate mindfulness in their personal and professional lives, leading to greater clarity, focus, and resilience. 

Calm in the Chaos: Mindfulness for Leaders & High Performers 

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With over a decade of experience in the wellness and professional development space I'm dedicated to helping powerhouse women live nourished lives.

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