Winter Solstice Reflections

Happy Winter Solstice! Today is one of my favorite days, because it is when the night is the longest, where we experience the most darkness this year. Tomorrow, the days get longer and we will experience more light coming into our life. 

I use this day to reflect on the dark moments of this year and take time to journal about the lessons the darkness taught me and how I want to transmute it into something beautiful. Here are some journal prompts that can help to reflect on the theme of Darkness. 

  • What dark moments did I experience this year and what did they teach me? 
  • How did I grow or evolve from those moments? 
  • What will I do differently in the future when dark moments come my way? What resources will I use? Who will I lean on? 

I also spend time thinking about all of the light I want to embrace and call in. Here are some journal prompts to reflect on the theme of Light. 

  • What do I want to call in that will add brightness and light to my life? 
  • How can I prepare myself to receive those things into my life? 
  • Why do I want these things? Why is this important to me? 

Here is a short video that I created that I share even more about the power of this day, check it out below!