Want more self-love? Ask yourself these 3 questions. 

Incorporating self-love practices into your daily routine sounds like a great idea, but can also be pretty challenging because of your busy schedule or having to tend to everyone else’s needs.

You may even struggle to figure out what exactly can you do to practice self-love in a way that actually works for you. (Instead of listening to the cheesy examples found on Pinterest boards or articles online.)

Self Love can feel a bit cringe…but there is a better way to make it feel more aligned and sustainable. Over the past few years, I’ve incorporated a practice to ask myself 3 questions to identify ways to love myself and give myself the care and attention I need.

  • How do I like to show love to others? 
  • How do I like to receive love from others? 
  • What areas of my life need more love and attention from me? 

Here is a video where I go more in-depth on the questions and how you can use them for your own self-love journey.

Take a few minutes to ask yourself these 3 questions and I guarantee that you will have more clarity on how to add more self-love (that you will actually enjoy) into your daily life.