The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is Self Love

This week we will be bombarded with Valentine’s Day messages, flash sales, and tons of sweet treats. Regardless, of whether you celebrate it or not, this week, I want to make sure that you take time to nurture the most important relationship that you have – the relationship that you have with yourself.

Yesterday, I posted on IG, talking about it. Check it out here. 

So often, we focus so much on our relationships with others, that we forget to put that same energy into the relationship that we have with ourselves. We are often putting ourselves, our needs, our desires, and everything else on the back burner. It is like we give the very best to everyone else and we simply settle for crumbs.

This way of living is not only harmful to your self-esteem, self-worth, and mental health, but it is indicative of your belief system. A deep-rooted belief that you are not deserving or worthy of the same love that you give to others.

And the reality is, this is not a quick fix. I won’t even try to give you a list of things to do to instantly improve your relationship with yourself. However, I will give you a list of questions to ask yourself to help you get more clarity on how you can start the process with care.

  1. How often do you carve out intentional time to nurture your relationship with yourself? 
  2. If you could change anything about how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself, what would that be? 
  3. What prevents you from taking time to care for and nurture yourself? 
  4. Growing up, who provided you with positive examples of how to love and nurture yourself? 
  5. Who inspires you now to love and nurture yourself? 

Take a few minutes to answer these questions. Answer them honestly and without judgment. This is a great way to get greater awareness and clarity on how to lean deeper into self-love, by way of improving your relationship with yourself.