Quiet Mind in a Busy World: Overcoming Resistance to Mindfulness

In today’s fast-paced world, many women often find themselves juggling multiple roles – career woman, mother, partner, friend, etc – all while trying to maintain their health, happiness, goals, and pursuits of fulfillment. I often find myself in conversations with my clients who are desperate for more stillness and mindfulness but don’t quite know how to get started.

If you relate to this, I know that you are fully aware that integrating mindfulness practices into your daily routine can offer immense benefits, including reduced stress, enhanced focus, and a deeper sense of peace. But, you may also be wondering, “Allison, how do I find balance in the chaos?” Let’s dive in.

For many women, the pressure to be constantly productive and active can be overwhelming. This relentless pursuit often leaves little room for self-care and mindfulness. Common barriers include a lack of time, feelings of guilt for taking a break, and the challenge of quieting a busy mind. The misconception that mindfulness requires large chunks of uninterrupted time further complicates the picture.

If you struggle with the idea of mindfulness or meditative practices, it could be due to limiting beliefs or preconceived notions. You may have tried in the past and it wasn’t a pleasant experience or maybe you simply couldn’t get into a groove. This could lead to resistance to the idea of sitting still and being with yourself because it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Or, you might be worried that taking time for meditation will mean that you’re not being productive or achieving enough.

This is why I often help my clients redefine what “meditation” looks like and feels like to them, so there is more flexibility around the practice. Next, we reframe the practice so that it is not viewed as a chore or another item on their to-do list, instead, it is a gift. Lastly, we reinforce the mindset by getting clarity on the WHY – Why do you want to start a mindfulness or meditation practice? This is how we build a strong mental foundation and emotional connection to developing and committing to the new practice.

Strategies for Incorporating Mindfulness

Next, we start to identify ways to introduce and seamlessly integrate the practice into their daily routine. The name of the game is – start small. You can weave mindfulness into your day without needing to carve out extra time. For example, I have a 90 second meditation that is a great resource when you need a moment – click here to check it out.

Here are some additional simple ways to incorporate into your own practice:

  • Take a Grounding Breath Before a Task: Take a few deep breaths before beginning any task. This helps center your thoughts and brings focus.
  • Sip in Silence: Drink your morning coffee without the distraction of checking your emails, scrolling on social media, or catching up on the news. Instead, savor each sip in silence.
  • Mindful Eating: Use meal times to practice mindfulness. Chew your food slowly and completely and pay attention to the taste, texture, and aroma of your food. Eating slowly can transform a routine activity into a mindful experience.
  • Mindful Movement: Take a walk without listening to music or a podcast or talking on the phone, instead pay attention to what you see around you and the sounds that you hear. Focus on feeling your feet touching the ground.
  • Mind Your Schedule: Utilize time blocking to schedule in “no tech” moments for 10 minutes to allow you to disconnect from your phone, laptop, or work. However, you spend that time is up to you. The key is to respect this time as you would a very important meeting, so you don’t skip it.

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine requires self-compassion and patience. If you find that you are struggling, don’t give up, keep at it. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this.” tell yourself “I’m still learning how to become better at this.” Also, as you continue on your journey, experiment with different strategies and discover what resonates with you.

Now take a deep breath, inhale….and exhale… You got this!