Prioritize This Daily to Boost Your Mood, Health, and Productivity

This past weekend was Earth Day and it hit me that one of the most important things I prioritize daily is NATURE. 

Getting outside and connecting with fresh air and sunshine is one of the easiest ways to boost your energy, your mood, your immune system, your productivity, and overall wellbeing. 

I recently created a free resource that shares Self Care Strategies for Busy Women (click here to access it) and this is one of the pillars I encourage you to lean into every single day. 


Women who prioritize spending time in nature improve decision-making skills, increase emotional intelligence, enhance creativity, and strengthen relationships

Spending time in nature allows for a break from technology and the demands of daily life, creating a sense of space to reflect, reset and recharge. 

However, in order for us to be able to prioritize nature, we have to do our part to preserve & protect Mother Earth. 

Here are easy ways to support your health and protect Mother Earth: 

🌍 Use a refillable water bottle (instead of buying plastic bottles) to help you reach your daily hydration goal. 

🌍 Meatless Mondays can help to add more veggies to your meals for the week and reduce your carbon footprint. 

🌍 Walk or cycle to work or when you run errands instead of driving. 

🌍 Opt for eco-friendly products free of harmful chemicals, like shampoo, soap, and sunscreen, which can provide health benefits while being better for the environment.

While there are a million things you can do, start small because small things done consistently can yield BIG results. 

How are you doing your part to protect the planet and improve your overall wellbeing?