Episode 9: You Deserve What You Desire 

In this episode, I share a very raw clip of a conversation that I had with a friend who asked me to summarize the conversation we were having about success, love, loss, and happiness. 

Here are some gems that I share: 

  • We accept things in our lives based on what we believe we deserve. 
  • If you don’t feel deserving of what you truly want…you will never get it. 
  • We have to be honest with ourselves in order to get what we truly want. 
  • You are not broken, you just have a block that is getting in the way. 
  • If you keep running up against a wall, it may not be about your ability to do it, it may be your beliefs that are sabotaging you. 

As a wellness coach, I help my clients get clear on what they want and then align their beliefs to support their goals. Establishing this foundation is key in helping to develop new habits that will lead to a lifestyle where they are healthier, happier, and more successful. 


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About Allison Tibbs 

Allison Tibbs is a certified Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Corporate Wellness Strategist, as well as an International Speaker and Best Selling Author, who is in the business of helping female executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders achieve a better quality of life.

Her passion for helping women prioritize their physical and mental health stemmed from her own struggles with depression, anxiety, and burnout. She leads by example and pays it forward through her coaching, training, and speaking business – Nourished Life Coaching & Consulting.