Episode 11: 3 Things Sabotaging Your Physical & Mental Health 

When your schedule is jam packed and you have so many people who depend on you, it can be hard to put your physical and mental health first. In this episode, I give a dose of real talk and tough love to help you take action to stop sabotaging your physical and mental health.  

The key takeaways are: 

  • Prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own  is sabotaging your physical and mental health
  • Sleep is important for productivity and avoiding burnout
  • Skipping regular checkups with doctors can lead to missing early signs of serious health issues
  • Saying yes to everything leads to neglecting your own health and wellness
  • It’s time to start saying no to things that don’t serve you
  • Make simple shifts in your behaviors and beliefs to prioritize your health and well-being

Here are 3 things that you can do today to help support your physical and mental health: 

  1. Identify if you are sacrificing your sleep to get more done during the day.
  2. Book appointments with your doctor, dentist, therapist, or other healthcare providers if you are overdue.
  3. Start saying no to things that you don’t enjoy doing that don’t really serve you and that are really wasting your time and your energy.


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About Allison Tibbs 

Allison Tibbs is a certified Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Corporate Wellness Strategist, as well as an International Speaker and Best Selling Author, who is in the business of helping female executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders achieve a better quality of life.

Her passion for helping women prioritize their physical and mental health stemmed from her own struggles with depression, anxiety, and burnout. She leads by example and pays it forward through her coaching, training, and speaking business – Nourished Life Coaching & Consulting.