Is Your Morning Routine Sabotaging Your Self Care? 

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said that she wishes that she felt more energized and ready for the day at the start of the week. I asked her about her morning routine and she scoffed “Routine? Oh, I just throw myself out of bed and pound a cup of coffee and hope for the best!”

While she said it with a smile, she confessed that she was being completely honest. This was her routine.

No wonder she didn’t feel energized and ready for the day. She was starting her day with panic, anxiety, and caffeine! She started her day immediately putting her needs on the back burner.

Your morning routine can be the most powerful thing that you can do for yourself each and every day, especially, if you are a person who has a jam-packed schedule and rarely has time to prioritize your own needs during the day.

The only catch is…that it may require you to wake up a bit earlier (aka go to bed earlier) so you can wake up and carve out solo time for yourself before you tend to the needs of everyone else.

I posted a short video on Instagram of what my morning routine looks like, but I also created a YouTube video to share with you why you should start or upgrade your morning routine.

What does your morning routine look like? 

In what ways can you improve your morning routine? 

What is supporting you each morning?

Take a moment to think about these questions and then do what you need to do to set yourself up for success in the mornings.

If you need help with trying to figure out how to create better habits, like creating a morning routine, or if you need help with any health or wellness goal you have for 2023, click here to book a free discovery call with me to discuss and see how I can support you this year.