How to Embrace Imperfection

Giving yourself permission to be imperfect is one way to support your mental health and emotional health. 

´╗┐Leaning into vulnerability and putting yourself out there without the expectation of being perfect can feel a bit scary, but it can open you up to stepping into a life that feels more authentic, joyful, and nourishing. 

I just started listening to a podcast by Brene Brown on vulnerability and it has been eye-opening!

When I think about embracing perfection, it really does create an opportunity to grow and shake off old stories and baggage that you may be carrying around. 

What has helped me has been taking imperfection action, asking for feedback, and leaning into a growth mindset that helps me change the way I talk and think about myself. 

Check out the latest video I created where I share a bit more of my own journey with embracing imperfection and how I apply those 3 strategies. 

After watching the video, take a moment to think about one thing in your life that you are willing to take imperfect action and get done.