How Self-Love Accelerates Your Achieving Your Goals

You might be asking yourself, “What does Self Love have to do with pursuing and achieving the goals, dreams, and life that you desire?”

Let me tell…EVERYTHING!

I often see women focus on so much what they don’t have or don’t like about themselves that they block their ability to believe that they are worthy of pursuing or achieving their goals.

One of the first hurdles I often see is how women focus intensely on their perceived shortcomings or dislikes about themselves. This negative self-perception becomes a significant blockade, not just in their path to achieving goals but also in believing in their worthiness of success. The constant comparison and self-criticism create an invisible barrier that hinders progress.

Another common belief I encounter is the notion that healing is a final destination. Many women feel that they must be fully healed before they can start pursuing or achieving their dreams. This misconception can lead to a state of perpetual waiting, where the start line keeps moving further away, and goals remain just out of reach.

Finally, I notice that many women remain stuck in harmful behaviors and belief systems. Often, this stagnation stems from adhering to the conditioning and expectations imposed by others, which can overshadow personal desires and aspirations. This external influence can be a significant barrier to pursuing and achieving one’s goals.

So, how does one make a shift to see real progress in pursuing or achieving their goals? Here are some strategies:

  1. Acceptance and Worthy Self-Belief: It’s crucial to accept yourself, flaws and all, and trust that you are worthy of your goals, dreams, and the lifestyle you desire (and totally deserve). Stop comparing yourself to others. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you too.
  2. Action Over Perfection: Don’t wait for “perfect” conditions to act towards your goals. The “right time” may never come if you keep waiting for complete readiness or full healing. Instead, take daily actions, however small, and trust in the momentum you’re building. Each step will move you closer to your dreams.
  3. Growth and Evolution: Allow yourself the space to grow, evolve, and change. This might mean shifting your mindset, habits, relationships, and environments. Change can be daunting, but it’s essential to evolve into the version of yourself that aligns with your aspirations.

Here are some action items to help you embrace Self Love:

  1. Focus on Positive Self-Perception:
    • Action Item: Start a daily gratitude journal. Each day, write down three things you appreciate about yourself. This practice helps shift focus from what you don’t have to the unique qualities and strengths you possess.
  2. Healing as an Ongoing Process:
    • Action Item: Set a small, achievable goal that aligns with your larger aspirations but doesn’t require you to be fully healed or perfect. This goal could be as simple as attending a networking event or taking a short online course. It will help you realize that progress and healing can happen simultaneously.
  3. Overcoming External Conditioning:
    • Action Item: Identify one belief or behavior that you suspect is more about societal or external expectations than your own desires. Challenge it by consciously making a decision that aligns more closely with your personal values or goals, even if it goes against these external expectations.
  4. Embracing Self-Acceptance:
    • Action Item: Practice daily affirmations that focus on self-worth and acceptance. Choose affirmations like “I am worthy of my goals and dreams” and repeat them every morning. This practice can help reinforce a positive self-view and build confidence in your worthiness.
  5. Taking Imperfect Action:
    • Action Item: Identify one goal that you’ve been postponing because you feel unprepared or not fully healed. Break this goal down into smaller, more manageable steps and commit to taking the first step, regardless of whether the conditions are perfect.
  6. Personal Growth and Change:
    • Action Item: Choose one area of your life you want to grow in (e.g., professional skills, personal relationships, health). Set a specific, measurable goal in this area and outline a plan for achieving it. This could involve setting up regular meetings with a mentor, joining a new community, or starting a new fitness regime.

Embracing self-love is not just about feeling good about yourself; it’s a transformative journey that directly influences your ability to achieve your goals. By accepting yourself, taking action despite imperfections, and allowing personal growth, you pave the way to not only reach your goals but also to live the life you’ve always desired and deserved!