Does “Work Life Balance” really exist? 

Do you think that achieving “work-life balance” is possible?

I am honest, I don’t believe that there is such thing as having Balance with a capital B, because there will be times when you need to push or really dive into your business, career, or support others. It may not always be possible to say “Today, I am going to abandon all of my responsibilities to sit on the couch and binge-watch the latest season of Ted Lasso.”

However, it is possible to prioritize balance, with a lowercase b.

This requires creating small pockets of time to prioritize your physical and mental health and committing to them by upholding boundaries and establishing principles that you will live by.

I’ve been called “ambitious”, a “high performer”, “hustle queen”, and some not-so-nice things, as I have built my career and business over the past 15 years. 

I worked as hard as I did because I honestly didn’t know that there was another way.

If I could go back, I would tell my younger self, that there is a better way, where you can be productive, efficient, and successful without burning yourself out. 

Here are 3 ways that I incorporate more balance in my days…

Here are 3 ways that I incorporate more balance into my day:

  1. Identify my TOP PRIORITY for the day: Each morning, I get clear on the #1 thing that I want or need to accomplish for the day. I focus on the one task that will move me closer to achieving my big goals. I commit to working on that priority from 10AM – 12PM, without any distractions. I put my phone on DND, close all tabs on my browser, and get to work. By identifying and working on the most important thing first thing in the morning, reduces stress for the rest of the day and helps me feel more productive and efficient.
  2. Take SCHEDULED BREAKS: I block off time in my calendar every day for breaks and lunch. These breaks are meant for me to step away from work and focus on replenishing and refueling myself. I use the breaks to stretch, eat a healthy snack or meal, fill my water bottle, take a walk, sit in silence, stand outside for fresh air, call a loved one, listen to music or a podcast, or mindlessly scroll on Social Media. Pick one of these and stick to it for the entire week and I bet you will feel like you have more pep in your step and have more energy to get more things done and to be more productive. Incorporating fun and rest throughout your day is imperative to keep your energy, focus, and mood boosted.
  3. No work AFTER 6PM: This was the hardest one for me, but the one thing that really improved my physical and mental health. On most days, I end my day at 6PM, unless there is an upcoming deal or a pressing client matter. Having a “No More Work” cut-off time forces me to say focused during the day on the most important tasks and creates a bit of (healthy) urgency to get things done. Once 6PM hits, I shift gears to being present living my life, and pouring into myself, and my relationships.