Do your boundaries need an upgrade? 

Well, you might have noticed that there was no post that went out and that was because I was on a REAL vacation. I’m talking, no working, barely any cell service, and my out-of-office was on!

(See the photos here and a copy of what my out-of-office actually said.)

What that week away of no work and solely focusing on being still and slow taught me was how important it is to take time off and to set and honor the boundaries to keep us from working/doing.

It got me thinking about how many times I’ve gone on vacation in the past and felt guilty for taking time off. Or how many times I’ve let my fear of people’s judgment talk me out of doing something or not doing something and forsaking a boundary?

Your ability to set and consistently honor your boundaries is directly tied to your physical & mental health, happiness, and self-worth. 

If you are struggling to set boundaries and honor them, here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

  • What could my life look like if set and honored my boundaries consistently?
  • What or who is getting in the way of me setting and honoring my boundaries?
  • How can I hold myself accountable to ensure that I honor my boundaries?

In the latest episode of my podcast, “I Buy Myself Flowers”, (oh yeah, I launched a podcast LOL), I go deep into Boundaries.

I share my own examples of boundaries I’ve set and also walk you through a 3 step process that helped me and can help you set and honor your boundaries.

Take a listen here on Spotify or check any place where you listen to your favorite podcast.